FEDORIV. Change!

A creative agency should not be defined by the work done, but the change made. Many agencies attempt to showcase their impact through portfolios, or other superficial means. Fedoriv doesn’t, and our focus on meaningful change permeates into the very essence of everything we do.

That’s why Fedoriv Hub’s largest biennial event is FEDORIV. Change!. It’s not the aforementioned portfolio blown-up in scale, nor is it a self-congratulation disguised as education, like so many other creative conferences. It’s a spectacle of how Fedoriv has changed the markets and products it touches, with a focus on the process that enabled this transformation. 

Team structure, organisation, marketing, business model, branding – even the product itself. All need to be in a constant state of progressive flux, ensuring a product is improved by change – not just altered for the sake of it. 

So, to preach our approach to products, we set up FEDORIV. Change!. 

The first event ran in Kyiv, 2018, with our next one planned for 2020. Like its namesake, Change will change each time, becoming even better every two years. That’s not to say 2018 wasn’t fantastic, however… 

Change 2018 was designed from the ground-up, mirroring our approach to client projects, and boasted: 

  • Over 1000 participants 
  • 28 speakers, ranging from Fedoriv experts to the clients we’ve worked with
  • 25 min keynote, then event presentation, from Andriy Fedoriv himself

Join us in 2020, and learn more about Fedoriv’s Change.