At the Fedoriv Hub, our events revolve around people, and the changes they make. We use our platform not just to promote Fedoriv-centric brands and success stories, but to give other change-instigators a platform to showcase their ideas to a wider world. 

That’s what our Digitalization Events are all about. 

Concise, concentrated cornucopias of discovery are strewn across a multitude of industries, the only necessary parameter being ‘digitalization’. No-inhouse specialists, no inherent bias – just Ukrainian success stories in their purest form: the people who led them. 

Digitalization is a 2-day conference, with each day focusing on 4 digital experts from varied backgrounds. Our latest one focused on the digitalization of the events sphere, with participants in the 1000s. 

8 people. 2 days. 

All extremely successful, all extremely practical.