For some things, it seems like a long time. For others, it’s no time at all. 

For our events, it’s perfect. 

That’s why we called it… well, 48H. A concise experience that gets you inspired, pools thought-leaders together, and is an overall wonderful time. 

48H is a collaboration between Fedoriv, and two of its long-time partners – BerlinBalticNordic.net and media.net. Based across Ukraine and Germany, delegates from both countries meet up, collaborate, and provide 48 hours of creativity, insights, and showcases. The events occur between Berlin and Kyiv, providing a platform for communities in both regions.

48H is designed from the ground-up to rise above marketing pollution and keynote hearsays, delivering simple, thorough insights for focused industries. Our most recent event was held in September 19/20, highlighting Gaming, Gambling, and the IT industry. 

Now, it’s time for you to get involved!