Lürzer’s Archive comes to Ukraine!


If the global advertising industry could have its Vogue and Forbes, it would be Lürzer’s Archive.

For an advertising professional, being featured there is akin to being caught in a crowd by David Droga, who then shakes your hand, asks how are you, compliments your work, and zooms off, while you stand there staring in disbelief. The Archive has already featured the Ukrainian ads for Danone, Samsung, KLO, Silpo, and P&G. If you want to be among them, make sure to attend our insiders’ presentations.

A source of inspiration (and creative ideas to steal) for all generations of Ukrainian advertising creatives is bringing two speakers to Kyiv:
Hans-Peter Albrecht (Germany): a Special Agent of Lürzer’s Archive, a Jury Member with Cannes Lions, a Board Member with ADC Germany, and Founder of Creative Express ADC of Europe;
Charlotte Bufler (Germany): a Special Agent of Lürzer’s Archive, the Rocket of The Wunderwaffe agency, a Special guest of ADC, ADCoE, Forward, TDLX, etc.

The programme includes two presentations:

1. The Lürzer’s Archive Preview Show.
Take a sneak peek into a new, unpublished issue of the Archive,  discover what makes the world-famous cases tick, and learn about global trends and hot topics.
2. The Mental Red Button.
Find out what communicative design is about, the difference between lacklustre and genius campaigns, and the product emotion. Get inspired by new ideas. Learn how to hook your audience and drive engagement.