Risa.TODAY: Build an art campus in Kilimanjaro


It’s a story of how a Masai tribe in Africa was introduced to technology and art.

For the first time, three Ukrainians teamed up to launch an educational art programme in a Kenyan village.
So, what have the three benefactors achieved so far? They provided a Wi-Fi hot-spot to a school in the middle of the African savanna, for one. Also, they set up a cinema, established an art studio, brought in a VR rig, and even opened the first art exhibition in Kajiado county.

Founders of Risa.Today:

👉🏻 Pavel Buryak;
👉🏻 Alice Yakubovych;
👉🏻 Dmytro Goreniuk;

The picture you see was drawn by a fifteen-year-old Maasai tribe boy named Francis Elyah.

This is his vision of the installation of a German artist of Ukrainian descent from Düsseldorf — Aljoscha.
Risa.Today invited Aljoscha to open first exhibition in Kajaado (Kenya region) 🌍

Risa.Today. Exhibition from Pavel Buryak on Vimeo.

Website of a project: http://risa.today
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/risa2day/
Instagram: @risa.today